Leader vs Scrum Master, what is the difference between a scrum master and an agile coach?

What is the difference between a scrum master and an agile leader?

Before I answer that question, what is the difference between a scrum master and an agile coach? $200 a day.

A scrum master should

  • be working at all levels of the organization;
  • working with other teams of teams;
  • helping people to understand how scrum works;
  • how agile works; AND
  • also working as a change agent across the organization to try and help expand carefully the footprint of agility.

The difference between a scrum master and a leader

If you start with the scrum master, what should a scrum master be doing?

  • Scrum master should be observing through whatever senses they have, for example, seeing sensing, smelling, seeing the body language, and observing what’s going on. That means a lack of judgment. Eg, I observe that when you behave like this, something happened and so on.
  • Helping people, but not inflicting help. Helping when help is requested, coaching people professionally, asking socratic open questions (when there’s permission from the coachee to do that), giving advice (when advice is requested).
  • Teaching → when people are open to hearing other options for how they can do their work.
  • Acting as a change agent for the rest of the organization by removing impediments that are beyond the control and influence of the teams or teams of teams.
  • Working with leadership to help cultivate the environment where agility can grow.

These are all things that a scrum master should be doing.

The scrum master can also help to make sure that scrum has been done well. In doing so, if they observe negative chaos commencing, or for example, if they notice maybe unconstructive conflict or unhealthy conflict, perhaps the scrum master…

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